Hacked WhatsApp…here is a solution

There has been many people i have come across who have been hacked. In most cases, the hacker will start sending “investment” adverts to the victim’s WhatsApp groups.

Today, i will share with you how you can protect your account from being hacked.

Here are the basic tips:

  1. Never, and i mean never, share you whatsapp verification code. A new trend has emerged, the hacker may send you a whatsapp message, using your friend’s or family member’s number (which would have been hacked also) and try to convince you to send them a code that has been sent to you. What you must know is that sometimes, the WhatsApp verification SMS may come from a USA number (starting with +1), or just from a contact called “Verification” or a contact called “Bond SMS” or even “WhatsApp”…….just like you receive messages from “Econet” , “NetOne”, “Telecel” etc. So, whenever you receive any six digit code, never share it with anyone, not even your girlfriend, or spouse, that might just be a hacker who has gained access to their phone.
  2. If your phone as a finderprint, protect your whatsapp with a finder print, this makes it impossible for someone you do not know to use your phone and login to whatsapp web.
  3. MOST IMPORTANTLY: ACTIVATE the 2 step-verification. This option sets an extra code to protrct your whatsapp account… this is a verification code you set yourself and don’t worry, you will not forget it because WhatsApp will keep reminding you! This is how you do it:
  4. Enable two-step verification: This adds an extra layer of protection by requiring a six-digit PIN in addition to your phone number when registering or re-registering your WhatsApp account on a new device. To enable two-step verification, follow these steps: Open WhatsApp and tap the three dots icon in the top right corner; Select “Settings” > “Account” > “Two-step verification; “Tap “Enable” and enter a six-digit PIN of your choice; Confirm your PIN and enter an email address to recover your PIN if you forget it.

If your WhatsApp has already been hacked, please feel free to contact us via email or via or Facebook page: Mdluli Media & Tech and we will assist……but simply put: This needs the WhatsApp support team, which usually responds within 5 hours.

Simply put: every time someone has been “hacked” on WhatsApp, they would have sent the verification code to the person who will b trying to gain access to their account…it doesn’t just happen

Written by Bhekisipho Mdluli Nyathi

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